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Monday, January 9, 2017

one of the ugliest

Felicity Jones what were you thinking. Horrible everything

A retro look for the mum to be

Natalie Portman knows how to wear pregnancy well. At first I hated this but the more I looked at it something about it works


Judith light just no.

one of the most elegant looks

Thandie Newton..Yes Yes Yes. Elegance personified. Love Love Love


I really like this Jessica Biel Look. Elegant, but fun. A good look for her. SEXY

Such Fun

Janelle Monae elegant but fun. A little quirky but not mindnumbingly so Love it

Boobie prize

I love Anna Kendrick  and I would love this dress BUT the boobs just look ODD


looking more like a member of the thai royal family than a star. Kerry Washington

And then there is Heidi.

Just Yuck..That is all. Never quite gets it right

Always a goodie

Old hollywood glamour once again from Sophia Vergara. Never fails. Just gloriously decadent

Dress is almost as tight as her botox

Nicole Kidman's style was so much better when she was married to a gay guy...just saying


Evan Rachel Wood. One of the best looks of the night

Could she not afford a new dress

Winoma Ryder Looks like shes been shopping at the
thrift shop. Maybe it all she could pick up...LOL

Just horrible

No words

Oh no

Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough look like she almost wearing the empire state building dress from the Producers or one of her grandfathers sequinned outfits cut down. Way too old for someone young and gorgeous


Just why. The sleeves look like shes about to put her hand up a cows butt.


The star of one of my favourite shows Crazy ex Girlfriend Rachel Bloom...Just gorgeous


Again I want to loike this but its just not quite right. Caitriona Balfe from Outlander....Shes so pretty but the dress leaves me a bit cold

Not Sure

I really want to like this but to me it gives a weird Silhouette. Makes her look like shes been pumping too many weights but there's still something i like about it

the golden globes and Im back

So I'm back with my crit of today's fashion. Have to say some of the worst styling in recent history and a lot of it. So lets start with one of the better ones. Olivia Culpo. miss Universe 2012. This outfit is a work of art. STUNNING!!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

not good

this would be beautiful without the sleeve. The sleeve alone makes it tacky

the best

Thank goodness she has redeemed herself from that golden globe catastrophe

Now for something completely different.

I love this. Very Gay

I love this look

I love this look on Emily Blunt. Very pretty.

Just no

Wrong fabric. wrong shape, bad hair.

A late starter today

So my first critique is Charlize Theron. Love the colour but hate the neckline. Makes her look like she has builders shoulders. She also looks botoxed to hell in this shot.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

love love love

I love the colour the style everything about Brie Larsons look. The room actress is one of the best dressed in my book.

classic style

Love the style of this. simple but classic

just yuck

Gabby Hoffman from Transparent, just so wrong on so many levels without even commenting on the shoes.

An oldie but a goodie

Age appropriate for a classic star. Carol Burnett. I wonder if shes getting the lifetime achievement award


No no no Amy Poehler just no to everything

Sag awards

My first Sag awards and not such a good look, Like the color and the beading but not sure about the design of the dress. Joanna Frogett From Downton Abbey.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

so here is another bad dress..but this time a royal

Zara Tindall, Princess Anne's daughter at the races on the Gold Coast. Not the most stylish dresser at the best of times but this is particularly nasty.

Monday, January 11, 2016

and the WORST

no comment necessary

One of the best

Lady stylish


Usually so right but this time.....

Im a fan

Lily James ...just beautiful. A real Cinderella. ...Sexy as


Am I mistaken but are these almost the same dress.... not quite but a bit too close ofr comfort  Rooney Mara and Amanda Peet.

Another beautiful white out

More old hollywood glamour on Jane Fonda. Timeless a bit like her face....... from the sixties.

one of the worst

Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones...Just horrible

For gods sake

For goodness sake Melissa you have lost weight and look great but forget abot borrowing Demis Rousos old kaftans

Not a fan

Too much

Love the colour but too much fabric


Looking more like the bride of frankenstein than a hollywood siren... Khaleesi no no no

J Lo brings it....

Always glamorous...I love it. Just the right amount of elegance. She dresses like a star.

Dont like...

Kate Bosworth looks botoxed to hell and the dress is just awful... and its got sequins...I must be ill

Quite like this..although i suspect I shouldnt

Leslie Mann doesnt usually float my boat in the fashion stakes but I kind of like this look on her. Possibly a more tailored top  would work better but i'm torn

No just no

Olivia Palermo...NOOOOOOOO

Super Girl not so super

s my verdict for supergirls outfit and whats with the ugly shoes. Although the man accessory is quite nice, terrible bow tie though.

So far my favourite

Laverne Cox from Orange is the new black
is perfection. Hair fabulous, Dress amazing...