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Monday, January 28, 2019

Another hot royal

so for all those wanna be princesses here is another hot royal for you. Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei.  He is the fourth son and tenth child of the Sultan of Brunei and at 27 is extremely eligible. Ladies start your engines.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Critics choice part three

So I love Billy Porters style. He’s out there and doesn’t care. 
And my all time favourite from these awards is Charlize Theron. Sublimely beautiful

Critics choice part two

Now check out these outrageous  shoes worn by Cody Fern an Australian actor..Who you say?see House of cards final season... lucky Kevin’s not there would be like a prison shower scene!
Gaga is a bit of a miss this week. looks like she’s wrapped a very large sheet around her. maybe she’s heading to a toga party

Critics Choice Awards 2019

A little more casual than the other awards shows Here are soo,e highlights and maybe some lowlights from the red carpet.

Firstly Timothee Chalamet is rocking this out there suit

Glenn close looks suitably attired. Love the look of this on an older woman.

As opposed to Judith Light whose make up  is awful and looks like she’s wearing her pjs

Sunday, January 13, 2019


so two weeks ago I started following Sheik Hamdan the crown prince of Dubai on Twitter. Since then I have had two account start following me in his name. And not only that messaging me. one offering me a card to become an official member of the Office Dubai royal family for £3000 but then I would draw a salary of £10000 a fortnight. and one who worked such an elaborate hoax would call me but play a video of the Crown Prince pretending that he was contacting me. Unfortunately the number is a Nigerian number.. I hope people don’t get sucked in with this. I played along for a while but really , not the smartest tools in the shed. I’m sure his highness so uld be mortified that people are doing this. There really is some terrible people in this world. #fazza3 @fazza3

Monday, January 7, 2019

Latest trend?????

On watching tonight’s Golden Globes I noticed what seems to be a new trend. I can only call it weird cleavage! Just f%#&ing odd. Take a look at Tarajii P Hensen and Felicity Huffman to see what I mean! not so prominent in photos but on screen they just looked odd.

Thumbs up

Usually Heidi Klum at any awards show has been awful, but hats off to her this year. Not sure I like the top but the bottom makes up for it.  Well done for a change.. but as I ask every year why is she at the Golden Globes


Allison Janney seems to get more gorgeous each year. This is just beautiful. The colour the silhouette...everything!!!

Yes yes yes

Jessica Chastain doing it right. Outstanding . one of my favourites.

A true star

Lucy Liu I love this. Quirky but stylish. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Channeling royalty perhaps?

Now I have often said that the royals don’t wear good bras and their boobs are around their waist. Just look at any picture of the Queen or the Queen mother. So I guess it’s only fitting that Claire Foy channels Her majesty in her Golden globe outfit. If the straps had been tightened a little this would have been stung. Unfortunately it’s not.

Umm. Confused

so Julia Roberts has always been a little quirky. This as a dress would have been gorgeous but with the pants it’s just very very confusing.

Oh my

obviously now there is no Joan Rivers fashion police, the taste has gone out the window. Elizabeth Moss..just NO


SaoirsecRonan, Mary, Queen of  Scots dress is stunning. No accessories. Just beautiful

How about a bit of an effort

I know you have two nominations but really you could make an effort .boring boring boring. Usually one of my favourites but you are right off mark today. Better luck at the oscars.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

I’m back

I wasn’t very active last year but stand by for all the fashion biz from award season.

Monday, January 9, 2017

one of the ugliest

Felicity Jones what were you thinking. Horrible everything

A retro look for the mum to be

Natalie Portman knows how to wear pregnancy well. At first I hated this but the more I looked at it something about it works


Judith light just no.

one of the most elegant looks

Thandie Newton..Yes Yes Yes. Elegance personified. Love Love Love


I really like this Jessica Biel Look. Elegant, but fun. A good look for her. SEXY

Such Fun

Janelle Monae elegant but fun. A little quirky but not mindnumbingly so Love it

Boobie prize

I love Anna Kendrick  and I would love this dress BUT the boobs just look ODD


looking more like a member of the thai royal family than a star. Kerry Washington

And then there is Heidi.

Just Yuck..That is all. Never quite gets it right

Always a goodie

Old hollywood glamour once again from Sophia Vergara. Never fails. Just gloriously decadent

Dress is almost as tight as her botox

Nicole Kidman's style was so much better when she was married to a gay guy...just saying


Evan Rachel Wood. One of the best looks of the night

Could she not afford a new dress

Winoma Ryder Looks like shes been shopping at the
thrift shop. Maybe it all she could pick up...LOL

Just horrible

No words

Oh no

Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough look like she almost wearing the empire state building dress from the Producers or one of her grandfathers sequinned outfits cut down. Way too old for someone young and gorgeous


Just why. The sleeves look like shes about to put her hand up a cows butt.


The star of one of my favourite shows Crazy ex Girlfriend Rachel Bloom...Just gorgeous


Again I want to loike this but its just not quite right. Caitriona Balfe from Outlander....Shes so pretty but the dress leaves me a bit cold

Not Sure

I really want to like this but to me it gives a weird Silhouette. Makes her look like shes been pumping too many weights but there's still something i like about it

the golden globes and Im back

So I'm back with my crit of today's fashion. Have to say some of the worst styling in recent history and a lot of it. So lets start with one of the better ones. Olivia Culpo. miss Universe 2012. This outfit is a work of art. STUNNING!!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

not good

this would be beautiful without the sleeve. The sleeve alone makes it tacky

the best

Thank goodness she has redeemed herself from that golden globe catastrophe

Now for something completely different.

I love this. Very Gay

I love this look

I love this look on Emily Blunt. Very pretty.

Just no

Wrong fabric. wrong shape, bad hair.

A late starter today

So my first critique is Charlize Theron. Love the colour but hate the neckline. Makes her look like she has builders shoulders. She also looks botoxed to hell in this shot.